Cal-Ohio Brings You Value
Cal Ohio Brings You Value

Construction and mining operations require heavy duty products for their preventive maintenance programs because of the severe operating conditions involved. Slow delivery response by a vendor can result in costly downtime. Technical assistance also plays a major role in the ever changing lubricant requirements for heavy equipment. Premium products – prompt free delivery – technical “hotlines”, a trio of standards forming the foundation of customer satisfaction excellence found at Cal-Ohio.

You, as a heavy equipment owner, have several thousand if not millions of dollars invested in your machinery. Is the lowest priced lubricant or filter going to provide that piece of equipment with extended drain intervals, extended equipment life and decreased downtime? Value, not solely price per gallon must be considered in your purchasing decision. You’ve studied the quality, reliability and price of heavy equipment before you’ve purchased it. Shouldn’t you do the same with choosing a lubricant, filter and battery supplier to service it?