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Chevron has been an industry leader in creating premium oils that bring the customer added value.

This all started in the early 1930’s, which was known as a period of significant struggle for America. However, this time of depression marked significant achievements for two companies – Chevron (then Standard Oil of California) and Caterpillar Tractor. Caterpillar needed an oil to lubricate the high-speed diesel engines it was planning to build. The joint venture between the two companies in 1935 resulted in a multipurpose motor oil known as DELO, an acronym for Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil.

In 1971, Chevron Delo 400 was introduced and became the first product in the industry to meet the dual need. In the early 1980s, Delo 400 experienced a significant improvement with the introduction of additives to provide better soot dispersion. This advancement, coupled with the use of improved detergents, decreased engine wear and kept engines cleaner. In 1984, Chevron introduced the first all-hydroprocessed base oils, which set the standard for performance in the base oil industry. Later in the decade, Chevron introduced its Low Oil Consumption Delo Multigrade SAE 15W-40 and was the first to extend a big diesel engine (CAT 3406B) to 1,000,000 miles without overhaul.

In 1996, Delo became the first brand to demonstrate 1,000,000 miles to overhaul in DDC Series 60, Cummins NTC400/N-14 and Caterpillar 3406B engines and the first to meet the oil performance requirements of PC-7 (which later became API CH-4) without having to reformulate. Delo 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40 became the first heavy duty engine oil to meet the API CH-4, Cummins CES 20076 and Mack EO-M Plus extended drain specifications in 1998.

Today, Chevron’s Delo product family includes lubricants, coolants and greases. Delo products are found in all major industries including commercial transportation, oil & gas, construction, mining, agriculture, and power generation. These performance benefits can be seen through the experiences of our customers in a variety of markets.

Most recently, DELO has expanded from the mainstay 15w/40 to include lower viscosity oils (check out DELO XLE 10w/30) that have led to increased fuel economy (1-4%) and an increased bottom line for many fleets.

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