We’ve Got You Covered
Cal-Ohio Lube Products Company

We’re not promising you perfect weather conditions or maximum yields if you choose Cal-Ohio as a supplier. What we are going to promise you is the best value, the best service and the best people to bring these high standards to your farm.

Sometimes you’re so busy in the fields that you don’t realize you’re low on a lubricant, short a filter or suddenly a battery becomes weak. You can be assured your preventive maintenance needs will be filled very promptly with a call to Cal-Ohio.

We take pride in carrying products that meet and/or exceed OEM recommendations and specs when it comes to lubricants. No matter which equipment manufacturer you prefer we have the lubricant, filter or battery for it or we’ll make a call to the implement dealer to provide the “specialized” item for you. You’ve taken the time to call Cal-Ohio, and we’ll take the time to provide you with a solution to your request.

The patronage of farmers in our Cal-Ohio distribution region has continually grown over the years. Those involved in agriculture are a very closely knit group who are continually communicating with each other and assisting each other along the way. These “partnerships” provide an opportunity to talk about various vendors and Cal-Ohio’s name must come up several times because of the referrals that we receive. Our sincerest “thank you” is extended to these “salesmen” involved in farming who tell others about their positive experiences with Cal-Ohio.